This week we launched our Coach out of the Water programme for our members. Below is the introduction:


At present we are all experiencing unprecedented challenges, across all aspects of our life, both within our families and within our sport of swimming. We are all detached from the comfort blanket of the pool, and our daily and weekly routines that we are now realising are so important to us both physically and socially, but also mentally and emotionally.

It is therefore understandable that many swimming coaches have rushed out to develop or find alternative methods of staying engaged with their Club. Some have generated fun initiatives relating to life and being locked in at home, some have sought to develop educational tools for our swimmers and of course others have decided that a daily dose of physical exercise whether it be HIIT, pilates, yoga or S&C sessions fit the bill. This is fine if you are qualified, experienced or competent in delivering such a programme and we encourage you to do so bearing in mind the needs of your swimmers’ age and group.

Those that are most successful in maintaining swimmer engagement rely upon more than just one individual but the communal participation of its members and coaching staff. The environment of a club is led by your members, their actions and contributions to your communities, and you can develop and implement the means to create a culture of positivity and set the tone in this new world we eventually return to normality.