BSCA Board

Representing our members

The BSCA was started by coaches for coaches and over 50 years later we are proud to still be supporting coaches.

The BSCA has a Management Board made up of experienced, enthusiastic and caring professionals who have worked at all levels of our sport at home and abroad.

Supporting the board are our list of Ambassadors who come from throughout the UK. They can contact you locally and can not only share information but also provide opportunities in your area. They act as a filter for your queries, concerns and plaudits, to the BSCA staff & Board. Our Board members also act as Ambassadors in their local area.

Your current Board

Glen Smith


Mark Rose

Vice Chair

Amanda Booth

Board Member

Alex Pinniger

Board Member

Andi Manley

Board Member

Gordon Glasgow

Board Member

Mike Peyrebrune

Board Member

Associate Directors & Senior Management

Brian McGuinness

Executive Director

Kim Mortimer

Educational Consultant & Asst to Exec Director

Jo Hewson

PA to the Exec Director and BSCA Admin


Barry Alldrick

Tony Beckley