Coach of the Quarter


Coach of the Quarter Award is a general recognition for any coach be they a BSCA member or not*, for not only the performances of the swimmers they work with, but for any other aspect of life as a coach. This could be new initiatives, such as development of equipment, innovative new practices, community projects that promote the role of the coach, or just being a darned good coach! No positive idea will be discounted.

The Awards will be for activities within a three month period (hence a Quarter) with the closing date for nominations being midnight on the last day of the respective quarter. The quarters are as follows:

Q1 – January, February, March

Q2 – April, May, June

Q3 – July, August, September

Q4- October, November, December

Nominations will be open to come from members, non-members and the public.

They will be made via a protected WhatsApp group set up specifically for this and they will be cleared after every Quarter closes.

People can join the group via or by clicking on this QR Code:

The winner will be selected by members of the BSCA Ambassadors group and winners will receive recognition, public adoration, a Certificate related to the achievement and a prize to be announced at the respective point.