BSCA Becomes Founding Member of IFSCA

June 04, 2024

Four of World’s National Swim Coaches Associations Form International Federation of Swimming Coaches Associations (IFSCA) to Support Coaches Worldwide

The swimming coaches associations from the world’s major aquatic powerhouses – the USA, Australia, Canada, and Great Britain—have come together as founders of an innovative alliance called the International Federation of Swim Coaches Associations (IFSCA).  The body’s aim is to provide support and collaboration opportunities for representative leaders from national coaches associations and support the development of swim coaches associations around the globe.

The four founding member associations—Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association (ASTCA), American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), Canadian Swimming Coaches Association (CSCA) and British Swim Coaches Association (BSCA) — are collectively pushing to ensure they can project their voices from the pool deck to the boardrooms for the betterment of coaches worldwide under a new, transparent international banner.

IFSCA was formed with the belief that by uniting coaches associations, it can promote a better future for all coaches at all levels.  By providing a forum for leaders of coaches associations to openly share information and experiences, and speak in a collective voice when necessary, IFSCA will serve to benefit all coaches.

Membership in IFSCA is open to any national coaches associations who share the same values and mission. The IFSCA is a mechanism for coaches associations to share knowledge, information, ideas, challenges and opportunities. IFSCA is also dedicated to supporting those coaches who want to start a coaches association where one does not exist.

“We provide opportunities for national swim coach associations to share issues, challenges, opportunities, and resources to better serve and represent their respective memberships,” said IFSCA spokesperson, Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia CEO, Brendon Ward. “Having regular conversations with US, Canadian and British cohorts has been amazing; the sharing of ideas and the openness is only going to help us all in the long run,” said Ward.

“ASCA is excited to be part of this new alliance of coaches associations.   Through regular virtual meetings and email communications, we have already learned a great deal from each other that will benefit our members,” said Jennifer LaMont, CEO of the American Swimming Coaches Association.

“Our four associations have already started providing resources, tools, templates, and advice,” said Chris Hindmarsh-Watson, the Executive Director of the Canadian Swimming Coaches Association. “We are sharing information on certifications, professional development, policies and conduct standards.  It’s been really helpful.”

“We are looking forward to assisting coaches around the world who are creating their own associations in developing the skills and knowledge relevant to their needs,” said Brian McGuinness, Executive Director of the British Swimming Coaches Association. “When coaches work together, we are able to accomplish so much more for ourselves, our athletes and our sport.”

The IFSCA founding document states the following:

Our values:

  • We stand for equality, fairness and justice, and for dignity and respect for all swim coaches.
  • We believe and support that the sport of swimming should be free from all forms of abuse, harassment and maltreatment.
  • We believe in solidarity: that swimming coaches can achieve more by acting together than they can do on their own.
  • We are global acting with partners and associates around the world to promote the interests and development of National Swim Coaches Associations on the premise that this will directly and indirectly benefit swimming coaches.

Guiding Principles:

Secretariat: There will be an annual revolving secretariat based on a calendar year. Australia will perform the secretariat role in 2024.

Membership: Any National (or Regional) Swim Coaches Association may apply to be a member of IFSCA. Applications should be submitted to the secretariat for consideration by all members. A simple majority of voting members is required to admit or remove a member. There will be no membership fees.

Council: Members form the IFSCA council who may have up to two representative leaders on the IFSCA Council. Representatives should include one person from a governance role (i.e. President/Chair) and one managerial executive (i.e. CEO/General Manager). Council meetings will be held at least annually. Each member association has one vote for any decision making by the IFSCA Council.

Resourcing: Any required resourcing (financial, human etc.) will be shared amongst the members as required and will be based on what is fair and reasonable for each member at the time.

Rules: There is no initial requirement for a legal entity to be established (i.e. no constitution, bank account, Board/Management hierarchy etc.).

A website with more information and an application for association membership will be posted soon.  Anyone seeking more information currently may email Brendon Ward at

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